At Spirit of Life, our mission is to Grow. Serve. Share.

We pray that God will bless us to grow in our faith through the word. We ask God’s Spirit to awaken in us a desire to serve our community. We seek in love to carry out the great mission of God to share His Word of Truth.

Part of that mission now includes us growing our facilities here in Caledonia. Spirit of Life started out worshipping in a gym at Cross Creek Charter School. From there, we moved into our first property on the corner of M-37 and 76th street.

God has blessed us with a beautiful and growing church! So great are the blessings of our Savior to Spirit of Life that we are starting another building project. The plans are just beginning. The goal is to add educational space, fellowship space, and more Sunday worship seating.

This is a large undertaking. We ask that God would accomplish His work among us.

Part of God’s mission though includes people…that’s where you come in.

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Spirit of Life wouldn’t be such a great church building if there were zero people inside of it. We want every one of our partners to take part in this exciting building project.

We have partnered with Integrated Architecture for this exciting project.

Keep an eye on our social media accounts, subscribe to our newsletter, and check this page for regular updates in the design process. Your voice matters!

If you have questions or input please contact one of our building team at the church office

To date, generous donors have contributed $400,000 towards this effort. If you’d like to support God’s mission here please click the link below for the building fund.