Kate Sorenson is the choir director at Spirit of Life. She leads the adult choir in learning spiritual songs and hymns, which are used to edify worship services throughout the year. She also teaches “Kids’ Choir,” to share her love for music and Jesus Christ to the youngest people in the congregation. The kids at Spirit of Life share their songs about Jesus several times throughout the year by singing during worship services.


Kate moved to the Grand Rapids area in 2019 with her husband and two daughters. She has spent her childhood and some college years studying a mix of piano, violin, and vocal music and minored in music performance in college. During the week, Kate practices as a Speech-Language Pathologist at Corewell Health Pennock. She sees adult patients in the hospital and outpatient settings. When she is not driving her daughters to gymnastics practice, Kate might be found teaching them piano, puttering in the garden, baking something, or brushing up on her violin playing.