I was in 5th grade when I did a forensics speech titled “who is Jesus?” I did that speech not really realizing how many people would directly or indirectly ask me that question. In Christian day school, I was preaching to the choir. In the real world people really want to know the answer to that question.
I tell you that story because on Trinity Sunday this verse, in Christ all the fullness of the deity lives in bodily form, is the verse that answers the question, “who is Jesus?”

Now I believe that if I asked people to tell me WHO Jesus is, most could tell me. But not many could tell me the contents of this verse. True God and true man at the same time. Certainly nobody could explain to me how that is possible.

You and I might be able to say those words out loud but living with them as a fact is another story. When you are hurting and thinking that Jesus is not relevant and that he can’t help you…that’s you misidentifying Jesus. Thinking he’s just some dude in a robe no real power.

When you feel along and like no one gets your problems, that’s us forgetting that Jesus God almighty is true man like me.

See that’s why we celebrate God’s identity today. Because really all sin comes about because we forget who God is. We forget his love, his power, his down to earthiness. Correspondingly then we forget this…

The very identify of our Savior is a match to match Gospel for every doubt. When we are helpless in sin Divine God Jesus himself steps in to defeat sin death and the devil. When we are burdened by human nature and stress sickness and this world threaten to break us God’s Gospel made flesh Jesus Christ says I lived that I’ve been there I understand and I’ll help.

There’s a hymn out there that describes the angels song when Jesus was born into the world. Veiled in flesh the God head see hail the incarnate deity pleased as man with us to dwell Jesus our Immanuel. God with us.

Friends when you ask the question who is Jesus – this is your go to verse for the answer. God almighty true man in one. Exactly everything you and I needed in a Savior.